CIS Law Firm – whose members of over 10 years of practice – has confirmed its strong positionin the market of legal services by its domestic and international clients’satisfaction and trust.

With diversified services including business, investment, copyright, procedures-licenseandlawyers, CIS is always a companion during the establishment and operation of many domestic and international enterprises.

We not only help enterprises build a clear legal corridor; offer specific and comprehensive legal advice; directly participate in the process of negotiating contracts and resolving diverse disputes in many fields by legal synchronization methods of enterprise law, investment law, land law, but also provide professional services to apply for foreign investment certification, establish representation of foreign traders in Vietnam, consult overseas Vietnamese to own houses in Vietnam, grant Vietnam citizenship to the overseas Vietnamese,…Besides, CIS Law Firm also helps clients build, exploit and protect their properties successfully.

In the context of competitive economy, a legal, reliable and effective consulting partner is a necessity to enterprises.It is more effective than establishing a legal department or hiring one or two legal professionals in a company. With a strong and professional lawyers team, and consultation of the leading experts from research institutes, universities, CIS Law Firm is proud of providing regular consulting services to many Vietnamese and international companies, large corporations. We keep making efforts to meet the requirements of domestic and foreign clients. Confidence to assert ourselves, CIS Law Firm and the Vietnamese business community have built and affirmed Vietnam brand value to international friends.

Having a thorough grasp of knowledge, professional attitude and good relationships with other departments and agencies as well as local authorities, central authority, CIS Law Firm provides legal services, fastand efficient procedures at a reasonable cost.

CISLaw Firm always desires to build cooperative and durable relationships with the clients that based on the effectiveness of the legal consultation process with the motto:

“Always endeavor to satisfy customers”.




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