Interview Ms. Phuong Hao on Sports &Cultures Magazine

Posted on Sports &Cultures (TT&VH) Magazine

(TT & VH) – After the Recording Industry Association of Vietnam (RIAV) made a press realese and declared to take Nokia to the Court because, RIAV said that Nokia has violated the related rights of the products of their record. Nokia actual purchase of the scratch card nhacSo (under FPT) to donate for their customers, not directly organized exploitation. To better understand the problem, TT & VH has interviewed lawyers Nguyen Thi Phuong Hao, official lawyer of Recording Industry Association of Vietnam.

Recording Industry Association of Vietnam (RIAV) said that Nokia use their related rights of products under their own but not paid. The documents and evidence that RIAV collected to the Nokia, is the evidence of products that nhacSo business. This means that the RIAV well enough evidence for the nhacSo? Phone Nokia N Express, the card contains a promotional code, the relevant information and details of all items on the  Nokia Music website are evidences that RIAV collected to work with Nokia as well as provide the conduct of the proceedings if the two sides there is no agreement and this evidence is only evidence to prove the case, if any. The issues related to the use of items by nhacSo is a different relationship, independent of the relationship between Nokia and RIAV. The gathering of evidence as well as the sueing FPT Online is based on Recording Industry Association of Vietnam decisions. I myself is personal, the more, I am an attorney consultation and I will not be able to have declared or confirmed about sueing case of FPT Online at this time