Business contracts (commercial contract) which is a type of contract are commonly used in transactions among traders. Content of the contract plays a significant role in building the legal guarantee for activities among traders, which initiates a convenient and sustainable trade environment. The goal of "maximum profit – minimum risk" can only be achieved when the business transactions are signed in full, tight, precise, consistent way with the rules of law as well as ensure the interests of enterprise. As a consequence, how to ensure the legitimacy of the contracts is one of the essential concerns, because most of the litigations in trading are disputes relating to agreements.

With professional attorneys andextensive foundation on business contract (commercial contracts), CIS law firm will create a legitimate environment as well as predict the risks in business activities for individuals and enterprise in the process of establishing trade-relations.

Our services are related to the important issues, including:

  • Providing legal advicesabout the possibility of participating in market and the other issues relating to competition, monopoly;
  • Advising on legal issues and the terms in contracts;
  • Drafting business contracts (commercial contracts);
  • Taking part in the negotiations, agreements, negotiations with partners in business transactions to sign the contracts;
  • Editing content in the drafts of business contracts in accordance with the requirements of enterprise;
  • To give advices and support clientsin representatives for settling disputes in the process of enforcing business transactions;
  • To give advices about other issues relating to business contracts (commercial contracts).

With the kinds of  business contracts (commercial contracst) in the areas of:

  • Contracts for the sale of goods and providing services;
  • Contracts relating to trade promotion, such as: promotion, advertising, display and introducing goods or services, fairs and trade shows;
  • Intermediation Trade Agreement: representatives of traders, commercial brokerage, fiduciary sale of goods and commercial agents;
  • Franchise contracts, distribution, business cooperation.

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