Because land is a property with great value for every Vietnamese family, individual and the current management, use of land have many shortcomings, land policies are unstable while the number and complexity of land disputes are increasing. Facing of the large number of legal documents on land which are overlapping, inconsistent, resolving the disputes by yourselves is an enormous challenge for everyone who does not have experience and profound knowledge in this field. To support you effectively and comprehensively, CIS Law Firm has a team of experienced lawyers in resolving disputes:

- Disputes of land use rights relating to disputes of Administrative boundary;

-  Disputes of claiming to land, residential house and other assets attached to the land;

- Disputes of land – residential house when you divorce;

- Disputes of inheritance rights of land –residential house;

- Disputes of adjoining parcel boundary;

- Disputes of contract of exchange, assignment (purchase contract of residential house - land), lease, sub-lease land use rights, mortgage, guarantee and contribute capital using land use rights;

- Disputes of causing damage by others or restriction on rights and obligations arising during the process of land use.

- Disputes of site clearance;

- Disputes of State administration of land;

- Other disputes of land use rights.

To support you to resolve disputes of land – residential house, CIS Law Firm offers the following services:

- Consulting of legal problems in the disputes;

- Joining negotiation, conciliation between parties;

- Making the case file in the court;

- Preparing files, documents, evidences to work with relevant individuals, bodies, organizations during the process of resolve;

- Litigating in Court to protect your rights and legitimate interests in the dispute;

- Consulting and requesting execution of judgments, decisions having legal effect of the court.

We are always committed to provide you the professional services with the highest quality and reliability together with innovative, comprehensive solutions for your problems.

If you need more information about our services, please contact with the lawyers via email: or directly contact to the telephone number: (+84)028.39118581.

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