When starting a business or investment activities, people mostly focus on analyzing and assessing the existing market to make rational ideas to develop their projects. Besides, the decisions of business models, organizational structures and management activities still play an important role to initiate an adaptable and enduring enterprise. Making decisions shall be based on the business purposes, financial conditions, methods of approaching the funds, human resources and legal provisions.

Our attorneys have many years of experiences in the fields of business and investment, which provides clients with practical advices based on the legal regulations to conduct the best project. Furthermore, CIS law firm also assist clients in specifing the relationships among partners about contributing assets, the valuation of contributed assets as capital and management structures of the enterprise, which creates an effective and sustainable way to develop enterprise. Specifically, clients will be consulted on the following issues:

  • (i) Organizational model and corporating management structures;
  • (ii) Name of the enterprise;
  • (iii) Lines of business registration;
  • (iv) Methods of operating and managing the enterprise;
  • (v) The relationship among the managerial positions;
  • (vi) Rights and obligations of Members, Shareholders and related positions;
  • (vii) Raising capital, determining values of contributed assets and methods of  contributing assets;
  • (xiii) Rules for distribution of post-tax profit and handling of business loss;
  • (ix) Plans for settlement of obligations derived;
  • (x) Other relevant issues.