Inheritance relationship is a sensitive and quite complicated, usually between people related by blood, marriage, love that considerably affect relevant people’s life.

Therefore, to minimize the conflicts arising from the inheritance relationship as well as protect your rights when the disputes happen, being consulted and supported about regulations relating to this relationship are essential. With the team of lawyers, jurists and specialist having knowledge and practical experience, CIS Law Firm does believe to bring you the promptly and efficient support.

CIS Law Firm provides:

  • Consulting and giving legal opinions relating problems of inheritance regulations;
  • Drafting wills; consulting to notarize wills;
  • Consulting and dividing and receiving, disclaiming property;
  • Consulting to sue in competent Court in case of the disputes of inheritance rights or properties;
  • Preparing files, documents, evidences to work with relevant individuals, bodies, organizations during the process of resolve;
  • Consulting, representing and appointing lawyers to litigate in competent Court to protect your rights and legitimate interests;
  • Consulting and requesting execution of judgments, decisions having legal effect of the court.

We are always committed to provide you the professional services with the highest quality and reliability together with innovative, comprehensive solutions for your problems.

If you need more information about our services, please contact with the lawyers via email: or directly contact to the telephone number: (+84)028.39118581.

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