• Change of lines of business;
  • Chang of company’s head quarter;
  • Change of company’s name;
  • Change of charter capital;
  • Change of representative of company;
  • Change of founding shareholder (Joint stock Company);
  • Change to any content of enterprise registration pursuant to a decision of a court or an arbitrator.

CIS Law Firm will provide you the best legal services by following:

  • Advice essential information for conditions and procedures;
  • Prepare and complete files on changing of business registration before submitting to Business Registration Office – Department of Planning and Investment;
  • Represent on applying, withdrawing, complaining, and receiving the results of change of business registration at the Business Registration Office;
  • Monitor the progress of implementation and inform the progress to clients;
  • Represent client to receive the business registration changed at Business Registration Office;
  • Implement to apply and contact to authorized office for seal license (if any);
  • Publish business information after changing business registration license.

If any further question, please kindly contact to CIS Law Firm to get more precisely essential information by Email: info@cis.vn or telephone: (+84)028 39118581.