Investors shall adjust the investment license when changing any contents of investment projects, for example: names of the project, location, investment, transferring the capital among investors, etc. CIS LAW FIRM will support investors in adjusting their investment license, which includes:

  • Giving a new name to projects;
  • Changing the project’s location; telephone number, fax, email or website;
  • Changing project objectives, business lines, including: withdrawal or addition of business lines;
  • Consulting investors about changing investment, capital contribution schedules or types of contributed assets;
  • Changing legal representative of the enterprise;
  • Changing members or shareholders of the enterprise;
  • Consulting investors about transforming the kinds of investment or kinds of enterprises;

Furthermore, CIS LAW FIRM also advises on:

  • Establishing the branches or agencies;
  • Establishing business locations;

If you need more detail information about the above services, please do not hesitate to contact CIS LAW FIRM via email or making a call.


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