No one wants to divorce but when the status of marriage is serious, making their common life no longer impossible and the marriage purposes unachievable, divorce is the best solution for spouse or when wife or husband of a person who is declared by a court to be a missing person wants to divorce then court solve the divorce. At that time, disputes of properties as well as other problems will arise, for example looking after, raising, care for and education of their children after divorce, visit and care right of their children after divorce become hot topic in the court.

Understanding that, with the experienced lawyers who consider every aspect of the problem to give the suitable consult solution in order to protect your rights when they resolve the divorce problems, CIS Law Firm provides you the Legal services on divorce not only domestic but also involving foreign elements.

CIS Law Firm will:

  • Consulting the regulations on divorce;
  • Consulting request of one spouse or both spouses;
  • Negotiating, conciliation between spouses;
  • Preparing divorce file in the court;
  • Preparing files, documents, evidences to work with relevant individuals, bodies, organizations during the process of resolve;
  • Litigating in Court to protect your rights and legitimate interests in the divorce dispute.

Besides, CIS Law Firm also provide relevant services after divorce:

  • Change of the person directly raising children after divorce;
  • Disputes of support money;
  • Requesting to restrict rights of father, mother for minor children or visit and care right after divorce;
  • Consulting and requesting execution of judgments, decisions having legal effect of the court.
  • Consulting and request to recognize and enforce a foreign court’s judgments, decisions on marriage and family in Vietnam or not recognize a foreign court’s judgments, decisions on marriage and family which have not enforcement request in Vietnam.

We are always committed to provide you the professional services with the highest quality and reliability together with innovative, comprehensive solutions for your problems.

If you need more information about our services, please contact with the lawyers via email: or directly contact to the telephone number: (+84)028.39118581.

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