* The definition:

-Work permit is an official document giving a foreigner permission to take a job in Vietnam.

-Subject must have work permit:

Except in special cases stipulated by Vietnamese Law, all employees are foreign laborers working for Vietnamese enterprises, agencies, organizations must have Work permit.

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- Conditions for foreign employees to work in Vietnam:

  • Has full capacity of civil acts;
  • Has qualifications, occupation skills and health which are suitable to the work requirements;
  • Is not a criminal or prosecuted for criminal liability in accordance with the law of Vietnam and foreign laws;
  • Obtains a work permit granted by the competent authority of Vietnam.

* The reason of must having work permit

To ensure the employing of foreigners working legally in Vietnam, the laborers must have work permit.

  • A foreign employee shall present his/her work permit when undertaking immigration procedures and when required by a competent state authority.
  • Any foreign employee working in Vietnam without a work permit shall be deported from Vietnam’s territory as regulated by the Government.
  • An employer who hires a foreign employee without a work permit shall be sanctioned as regulated by the law.

Hence, the conduct of the procedure for granting work permits to foreign laborers is law abiding and fundamentally legal basis to protect legitimate rights for both employer and employee.

* Work permit services

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  • Renew or extend work permit.

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