If established enterprise is the first phase of business process, the internal administration is core element throughout the business activities. Internal administration is the operation of conducting and controlling, including the construction of the company’s charter, internal rules and regulations, which clearly defines the roles, powers and responsibilities of each department, board room  as well as create a transparent organization-structure. This is also the key to open the door of success in every business activities. With reliable lawyers who has the extensive experiences in legal practice, CIS Law Firm is able to support clients in an effective way. We provide the legal services to consult and conduct the below issues, including:

  • Drafting the company’s charter, internal rules;
  • Drafting the company regulations: Board of directors regulation, organization and activity of the Board of Directors regulation, personnel management regulation, financial regulation, regulation of election, etc.....;
  • Procedures and conditions of approving the internal management decisions of enterprises, such as: decisions of the owner; resolutions/decisions of Council members; resolutions/decisions of the meeting of shareholders; resolutions/ decisions of the Board of Directors, etc...
  • Drafting the company’s charter, internal rules and regulations, confidentiality policy.